We’re located in beautiful Eugene, Oregon, but are also more than happy to offer free quotes via the internet. If you’re in Eugene, you can either contact us for an appointment, or send a copy of your image (s) for a quote. If you’re located elsewhere, please send a scan of your image, at least 300 ppi, and in full color, even if the photo was originally black & white, and I’ll send you a quote as well as a small bit of work on your image so you can see what to expect. You can upload the image file using the image uploader or email it to Once the restoration is complete, I’ll either send you a high quality .tif file, or mail you a CD. If you chose the CD option, postage will be applied to the total. I don’t encourage mailing the original, but if that’s the option you chose, please send the image well packed and preferably by FedEx, the preferred shipper of many museums and historical societies, along with a prepaid return label, or if you prefer, the return shipping can be applied to your total.

All evaluations and quotes are always free.

Janine Smith



We need to see the image to give you a quote. We prefer not give sight-unseen quotes over the phone, however, should you insist, the chances are the amount we give will be much higher than if we see the image.

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