About Us

At Landailyn CPR, we  base our business on the same principles our ancestors did; honesty, integrity and the best possible digital photo restoration, retouching and research services anywhere!

At Landailyn, we do high end digital photo and document restoration services and preservation education. By digital, we mean that we 1) don’t take a traditional photograph of the original and work on the negative and 2) we never work on the original. We are not trained original media conservators and therefore would never endanger your original.  We’re also not printers, and therefore might not do your restoration justice. With your digital file or CD, you can make as many copies as you like at the printer of your choice.

If it’s retouching you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place! Our retouching is like our restoration; it’s so well done, no one will ever know! We work with photographers on batch projects, but we also work with individuals who can’t afford a lot of money for photography/retouching services. For instance, take a young couple just starting out, who can’t afford $5000 for wedding photographs and put Uncle Bob in charge of their once in a lifetime memories. The images may look fine, but could look better, or they may be simply horrible. We can help make them look fantastic at best and improve them at least.

Perhaps you’d like some assistance doing some research, finding some facts, digging up data? Again, you’re in the right place! Our research fee is $25 an hour, with a 5 hour minimum. A 40 hour research block is only $20 an hour!

We don’t do “cheap” restoration. You won’t find $5, $15, or even $50 restorations here. Our prices start at $75 dollars an hour, for the most basic of restoration work. We don’t do it cheap, we do it right. We are, simply, among the best in photo restoration service providers in the world, and the best isn’t cheap. There are many places that charge less, some much less, either due to high volume and subcontracting the work to other countries, because the work they do is a part time hobby or a sideline of their full-time work, or because they do the work with a computer software that does all or most of the work for them, or perhaps even a combination of any or all of the above. The term “You get what you pay for” almost always applies. We don’t ever send your image out, we do all the work in house, and we never cut corners; in fact the opposite is true. The attention to detail and the time spent making sure your restoration is as true and as close to the original image as possible is well worth the cost.

Janine Smith, aka The Restorationist, is a well-known expert on digital photo restoration and Lynda.com author. Her history and photo restoration articles and tutorials appear regularly on the popular Photoshop education site, TipSquirrel.com, Shades of the Departed digital magazine, and many other newspapers and magazines, both online and off. Janine’s work is well known in the world of genealogical and historical societies, museums, libraries and university archives, and she appears on the boards of several organizations and institutions. She’s a sought-after speaker on digital photo restoration and preservation. In 2010, Janine won the prestigious international Photoshop User Award in the photo restoration category.